Random Creativity #1

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to show you some crafts and art projects that I have been making lately! I love the idea of Random Creativity because I love sharing my artwork and crafts, and well most of them are, well random. Now going onto the post

Random post #1….

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very random post! So anyway first I wanted to tell you all about Samantha’s  Back to School Giveaway! Also, recently my grandma got me a Wizard of Oz adult coloring book! It is like SUPER DUPER LOOOONG! Here is what I have done so far! Next or should I say […]

Recently 1.02

Hey guys! I haven’t done a “recently” post in soooo long! XD I know you guys love reading them, so for today’s post I’ll be sharing some recent art, recent events in my life, some of my favorite music and other random recent happenings! 😀